Reasons For Digital Detoxing

Digital Detoxing

These days most people live fully connected to the internet and other medians. Statistically, people in our country spend more than half of their day while consuming digital media content. However, there is some harm to be connected all the time. This is why you should have digital detoxing sometimes. This detox is simply avoiding digital media completely for a while.

In this article, we are looking at the reasons and ways to practice this detox. You can read why you should take breaks from using your phone, tablet, computer, and even the television.


Reasons For Digital Detoxing

As digital devices became an essential part of life for most people, we don’t usually concern about the harm they cause.

One of the reasons for digital detoxing is to avoid technology addiction. This is actually a problem more serious than it sounds. With constant access to the internet and digital communication, many people, especially young ones, can easily get addicted to their phones. Overusing your smartphone can make you gradually addicted to it. And this is no different than any other example of behavioral addiction with its severe impacts on health.


Based on surveys, about half of the respondents mention that they feel addicted to technology, especially their phones. But this doesn’t even show the real amount of actual technology addicts. Considering near 80 percent of the same respondents accepted that they feel compelled to check their phones of computers more than once every hour.

Technology addiction makes people feel as they need to frequently check their inboxes or social media feeds even though they do not expect to get anything vital that requires attention. This feeling creates constant stress, and it gets even worse if you cannot check your devices as frequent as you want. Realistically, technology addiction makes people look at their phones at times that they should not, such as during a class, work, or even driving. It also reduces the quality of time people spend with their family and friends as they look at their phones at every chance like they bored.


Digital detoxing can help you with treating technology addiction symptoms or avoid addiction. You can avoid using your digital devices for certain periods of time you predetermined and you will notice that you feel less stressed about checking your device after this detox.

Another important reason for digital detoxing is to keep healthier mental health. Most personal posts on the internet, especially social media is almost entirely based on the pleasure that people get from getting recognition or even being envied. Many people feel compelled to post their body pictures, pictures from the places they visit, foods they eat, or expensive things they buy on the social media platforms.

Although we all enjoy the posts on social media. Overexposure to this kind of content can cause two-sided harms. It feeds the mental emptiness in the person who feels as they should post this kind of content from their life, and increases the need for the next post as they reach more people. But on the other hand, it harms most of the viewers as they constantly compare their life with the lives they see on social media. By practicing digital detoxing some times, you can reduce the mental effects of using social media.


You can also practice smaller versions of digital detoxing every evening to increase your resting quality at night. This shorter detox mostly helps because of the negative effects of digital devices on your sleep. The blue light that digital devices shine to your eye not only wears and tires your eyes but also prevents your brain to go in resting mode. Blue light filters that are available as hardware or software solutions do not nullify this problem completely. So, if you try partial digital detoxing by not using digital devices that have a screen towards your bedtime, you will notice that you rest much better.