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An Overview of Common Cosmetic Surgery Procedures

Cosmetic Surgery Procedures

Common Cosmetic Surgery Procedures

Detailed cosmetic surgery procedures are specially destined for clients of beauty salons and cosmetic surgery clinics. They inform about the list of possible surgical procedures that are very impressive thanks to today’s technologies development, their purposes, and possible side effects. The significance of the cosmetic surgery procedures is obvious as the first step of proper procedure choice is the pledge of success.

Today the cosmetic surgery types throw light on a huge choice of modern technologies that provide a variety of beauty service that makes real miracles. The most popular aesthetic surgery procedures are silicone breast implantation, cosmetic eyelid surgery, skin resurfacing, face and brow lift, rhinoplasty, liposuction, fat transfer, and ear adjustment. From childhood (chickenpox and acne) the skin is under the steady risk. According to the cosmetic surgery procedures review sun-induced skin damages, wrinkles, facial lines, drooping eyelids caused by different factors can be solved.

Facial Plastic Surgery

Time, UV radiation, bad habits, and stresses are strong enemies of our face. Deep wrinkles, creases, facial lines, and folds are the worst age betrayers. The solution offered by the cosmetic surgery is a facelift that is performed by the fat removing, skin, and muscle tightening. The result is fresher and younger appearance. New technologies provide losing 10-15 years. The universality of the procedure is kept in the possibility to be combined with different cosmetic services (brow lift, nose, and ear reshaping, etc). The operation runs through the number of incisions made in the line of hair and fold places. Unfortunately, time requires operation repetition.

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Forehead Plastic Surgery

Cosmetic surgery procedures pay much attention to the procedure of the brow (forehead) lift because of its effectiveness in the cases of drooping and foreheads problems, improve the angry and tired look. On the basis of the forehead lift, there are new endoscopic methods (one variant of forehead lift procedure) that guarantee perfect alteration and removing of the muscles and as a result effective eye smoothing of wrinkles and facial lines and rising of the brows. The combination with the blepharoplasty and face-lift is very successful.

Skin Plastic Surgery

Excess fat, removing the skin, and wrinkles alteration can improve sagging and tired-looking eyes. However, the patient should not expect the effect of wrinkles, dark circles, and crow’s feet reduction.

Nose Plastic Surgery

A special place in cosmetic surgery procedures is seated by nasal reconstruction called rhinoplasty. The procedure is destined for reshaping, reducing or enlarging of the nose, hump removing, nose, and mouth angle changing. In addition, the procedure is effective in the cases of birth defects and problem breathing.

Ear Plastic Surgery

Cosmetic surgery procedures represent ear and earlobe adjustment as the procedure of ear resizing, reshaping, and replacing. This surgery service is available at any age.


Today liposuction is considered to be one of the most popular aesthetic surgery procedures. The direct purpose of the operation performing is the removal of undesirable fat from different body areas. The universality is held in a big variety of places of applications: waist, hips, abdomen, chin, knees, neck, arms, and others. The procedure is similar to in basis and purposes in fat transfer actual in the process of normal aging. All aesthetic surgery procedures solve a number of aged skin and body problems.