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8 Different Types and Tips To Treat Wrinkles

Tips To Treat Wrinkles

Tips To Treat Wrinkles

Wrinkles are a part of our skin’s natural life. As we get old our skin loses its elasticity and starts to get wrinkles. But, not all wrinkles get formed by the same causes. There are different causes that can change the way you need to treat wrinkles. In this article, we are going to look at the common types of wrinkles. You can also read our tips to treat wrinkles of these types below.

Different Types and Tips To Treat Wrinkles

In our daily life, our skin gets exposed to many harmful factors. While some of these factors are external like sunlight or pollution, some factors occur because of our expressions and the natural movements of our muscles.

With different causes, your skin gets different types of wrinkles. You can separate these types into two groups. These groups are Dynamic wrinkles and Static wrinkles.

Dynamic wrinkles are the types that form as a result of muscle movements under the skin. With constant creases, your skin can deform and get permanent lines in places it creases.

Static wrinkles are the other wrinkles that your skin gets because of other factors even in places where your skin doesn’t move. These wrinkles form as the skin loses its elasticity and drys.

Other than these two general groups, there are seven different types you can consider separately when you treat wrinkles.

8 Different Types of Wrinkles

● Forehead lines are the first type of wrinkles that most people get. These are long lines that stretch across your forehead. They especially get more noticeable if you raise your eyebrows.

● Similarly, the second type also forms with eyebrow movements. The wrinkles that are called frown lines are the creases that happen between your eyebrows when you frown. These are vertical lines between the eyebrows.

● The next type is called Bunnies. These are wrinkles on your nose and between your eyes. They happen when you flex your nose like a bunny.

● Another type that people often focus on to treat wrinkles is the crow’s feet. These wrinkles are the lines around your eyes. They form as you squint your eyes and with time become permanent.

● The other type of wrinkle that forms with your expressions is the nasolabial folds. This type of wrinkle is the lines you get on the sides of your nose down to your mouth when you smile and laugh.

● The other type of wrinkle that form on the sides of your mouth is the Marionette lines. These wrinkles are the lines that go down to your chin from the corners of your mouth.

● The next type that we should mention is the lip lines. These wrinkles form around your lips as you use your mouth. They get more noticeable if you use your lip muscles to seal things like drink straws or cigarettes.

● Necklines are the last type of wrinkles that we will mention here. As you look down, your neck skin folds and creases. And these lines are the wrinkles that form as the skin of your neck loses its elasticity and gets loose.

Tips To Treat Wrinkles

First of all, you should not wait until your wrinkles form to use wrinkle treatments. You can treat wrinkles before they start to show by using moisturizers, collagen production increasing methods, and oils on your skin to prevent them.

As you get older, your skin will start to dry easier. Getting dry makes your skin less elastic and more prone to cracks and creases. To fight back, you can use branded products that offer moisturizing effects and products with hyaluronic acid to keep your skin elastic. You can use such methods to treat wrinkles like forehead lines, frown lines, as well as static wrinkles.

On top of getting dry, your skin can also start experiencing sagging. Sagging can look more noticeable than other wrinkle types. Marionette lines, nasolabial folds, and underage circles are examples of sagging problems. These problems happen as the structural strength of your skin gets weaker and it gets loose. To treat wrinkles like these, you can use Vitamin C-focused treatments like citrus masks or creams. Also, you can use branded products that contain retinoids. These can tighten your skin back and fight against sagging.

Other than using moisturizers and other anti-aging products, another way to treat wrinkles is to avoid certain muscle movements that increase wrinkles. Raising your eyebrows, frowning, or squinting your eyes are things that you mostly do unnecessarily. But these facial movements cause the most problematic wrinkles. To avoid such wrinkles, you can train your facial muscles to not do such movements without noticing. You can also don’t put stress on your skin to avoid static wrinkles. Sleeping face down or resting your face in your hand, can be considered as putting stress on your skin. It will stretch your skin unnecessarily and creases your skin. So avoiding these habits can you treat wrinkles easier too.

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