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Humectants: Organic, Natural, Derived, Synthetic Types


Humectants and Their Role in Making up Cosmetic Products

This article gives general information about different kinds of humectants: both natural and synthetic humectants, the effect of lecithin and glycerin being the most used kinds of humectants. Knowledge in this sphere can help to choose safe, natural, and the most suitable means of cosmetics for you. The keywords in this question are “organic” and “natural” production.

Speaking about up-to-date cosmetics production and industry, we come across the increasing tendency to seek after high rates and proper quality of the product. The keywords in this question are “organic” and “natural” production. And really, most cosmetics companies nowadays do not try to heighten their popularity with the help of picturesque and colored bottles, packages, and free samples for potential consumers. And, more and more, when buying a new cosmetic product we look at its label and see “organic,” or “natural.” Is it really true? I think, and am almost sure, that in most cases it is far from being true.

Dealing with Confusion About Humectants

Such companies also like to put on the labels such words as “derived from,” and, as a result, most shoppers tend to believe in this nonsense and consider the product to be safe and even useful for their skin. And it is not surprising. Common customers are not chemists by profession and are not able to analyze the quality level of proper elements in the cosmetics on their own. Then what is the way out of this situation? Well, we know that each company must list the ingredients of each product on the label, and our task is to know about the qualities of different elements as much as possible and in such a way you will be able to judge products and decide whether they are worth buying or not.

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As a rule, most ingredients included in a product are named on the label, the basic elements are emollients, humectants, preservatives, and others. Humectants play a rather big role in the quality of the products. These elements are used to moisture the skin, and at the same time, to attract moisture to the skin from outside and to hold it in the skin. The composition of the humectants is usually marked in the middle or at the bottom of the ingredients list of any product and requires your attention as the quality of all the ingredients is very important. You can come across synthetic humectants as well as natural ones.

How Should Synthetic Humectants Be Used?

Speaking about synthetic humectants we can come across such marks as lecithin and glycerin which are in most cases not very pleasant and useful for skin. Of course, these humectants cope with their function of moisturizers, but at the same time, they can do much harm to the skin, make it dry and cause different skin illnesses. In comparison, of natural and synthetic humectants we are sure to give much preference to the natural, or organic ones. Such humectants are sure to take much care of your skin and make it soft and beautiful because of their natural origin.

Such extracts are usually taken from different plants or fruits and cope with the functions of moisturizers very well. Of course, lecithin and glycerin are not to be absolutely avoided, they play a big role, but in complex with them you should use some lotions or creams to soften your skin after using humectants and avoid “remaining effects.”

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For the first time, taking much care while buying any product will seem for you just a foolish affair. But I can convince you that it is far more important than you think. Skin as the most absorbing organ of our body absorbs everything we put on it and if we use dangerous and unsafe chemicals we do harm to our own skin ourselves. Now it is your decision whether to follow these pieces of advice or not. And if you doubt anything you are always able to consult a doctor and decide whether the product is suitable for you or not.

Besides certain doctors can suggest different kinds of cosmetics products only for you, not only for your body. It will cost more but would you like to economize on your own beauty and health? I think nobody wants to behave like this. At last, there is a great number of different lotions, creams, salts in different books, magazines, on the internet. So you can produce your own one and be sure that it is healthy and natural.