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Female Pattern Baldness – Causes, Prevention and Treatment

Female Pattern Baldness Treatment

What is Female Pattern Baldness?

Female pattern baldness is a particular type of hair loss that women can experience. This type of hair loss, called androgenetic alopecia, can also happen to men. But for women, the pattern is not the same. While men experience it as growing bald spots, women get some gradual hair loss on top of their heads. In this article, we will look at the causes of female pattern baldness. You can also read some common treatments for this problem down here.

Causes of Female Pattern Baldness

It is known that some people get female pattern baldness from their heredity. It indicated that some genetic factors cause people to be more prone to experience this type of hair loss. If the women in your family, from either parent’s side, deal with female pattern baldness you may have the same genes that can cause it to get it.

Even if your genes are not a factor, you can still experience female pattern baldness at later ages. As your body gets older, the hormonal balance can change and this can be a cause for this type of hair loss too. Especially menopause is a critical milestone in women’s life. It can change the hormones in your body and cause hair loss too.

For fortune, some medications can change your body chemistry so much that they can cause female pattern baldness as well. It is known that treatments for cancer cause fast hair loss. It is possible to see similar effects with other heavy medications too.

Another reason to experience female pattern baldness is a disease called Alopecia areata. This autoimmune disease hurts hair roots and causes sudden hair loss.

We should also mention that many women experience female pattern baldness because of the hairstyles they frequently use. Tying the hair too tight, causing it to get too heavy, or keeping it braided for extended times puts a lot of stress on the hair follicles. And with time, the hair can give up and start to fall off.

Treatment for Female Pattern Baldness

In most female pattern baldness cases, you can benefit from some treatments. Such treatments can stop hair loss or even grow more hair.

In some cases, such as experiencing female pattern baldness because of medicines, hair loss may not require any treatments. The hair loss can stop and the fallen hair can come back after you stop using the responsible medicines.

For other causes of female pattern baldness, using minoxidil is a common treatment method. Minoxidil is a topical solution that you can find or order in drug stores. It can be used on the scalp to increase hair growth. With daily use, it shows results over a year. However, it may not always give the desired results.

Another commonly used treatment for female pattern baldness is using spironolactone pills. These pills reduce androgen production in your body. Androgen is a steroid hormone that can slow down hair growth. So, spironolactone pills can help you regrow new hair follicles too. Keep in mind that these pills can also increase urination needs.

Another method that is used to treat female pattern baldness is the stimulation of the scalp with lasers. This procedure can increase blood circulation in the areas that are treated with lasers. And better circulation can help hair growth. Keep in mind that this method shows varying results for different people.

In some cases, the scalp might be unable to grow new follicles in the desired area or the person may want to see faster results. For these cases, there is also a treatment method that involves transplanting hair follicles. Specialists can carefully take follicles from dense areas on the head, like the nape, and transfer them to balking areas one by one. After the procedure, these follicles hold onto the skin in their new place. Of course, this procedure is useful for female pattern baldness too.

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