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Should Divorced Couples Get Remarried?

remarrying your ex

Remarrying Your Ex

After divorce, would you consider remarrying your ex? You may sometimes hear that a divorced couple gets over the problems between them and decide to marry once again. This is usually surprising news, as people typically get distant after their divorce and the last thing they would want to go back to the marriage they were upset with enough to go through a divorce. Yet, it is common enough to see a remarriage after divorce 1 in every 10 divorces.

If You Realize You’re Still In Love

Of course, one common reason for remarriages is to recognize still being in love with the ex-partner. Although this happens often, partners may have problems so severe that they cannot endure them for love. Also even when one of the partners feels still in love, the other partner may not share these feelings anymore. But if these feelings are mutual in your case, you can consider remarrying your ex again with your love rekindled.

Maybe Divorce Wasn’t the Right Solution

Sometimes divorced partners see that the solution they were looking for for their problems wasn’t the divorce. They can talk about this, and they may decide that divorce was actually a mistake and they can get together again. They might solve their problems while they are separated or they can decide to support each other while solving the problems with their new understanding. If this is the case, and partners can help each other better than they could before the divorce, getting married again can actually be a nice boost in their relationship.

Missing the Marriage May Also Be a Reason for Remarrying Your Ex

Some people can also dislike the single life they experience after they divorced. It is not an easy transition after being married. Depending on their lifestyle, moving on or dating again can be difficult too. Many people miss the convenience of being married when they taste being single again. If the partners become willing to move through their differences with this motivation, they can consider getting married to each other again. Of course, this may make their new marriage more about benefits but it also makes partners see each other’s value for them.

Remarrying Your Ex Because You Realize Your Mistakes

Also, many people improve their perspective on life with time and experience. So, partners may see their mistakes and imperfections after their divorce, and become wiser. With their new wisdom, people can contact their ex-partners and be willing to try again with more understanding. If this personal growth works for both you and your ex, remarrying your ex typically can lead to a better relationship than before.

Remarrying Your Ex Because Your Initial Anger Has Passed

Of course, it is also common to see that partners divorce because of an argument or a faulty act of one side. But people can forgive their ex-partners with time, or they can forget about how they felt in the past. In both cases, they may be willing to give a second chance to their ex. Although this is not really an ideal way to deal with relationship problems, remarrying your ex can work for you if you don’t feel angry anymore. Because, you might have overreacted in the past, or your ex may change your mind about the importance of their mistake.

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