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5 Everyday Things Aging You

Things That Are Aging You

Everyday Things Aging You

Unfortunately, we all get older in years. And aging comes with side effects like wrinkles. In your daily life, there are some things aging you, without you realizing it. Although some of these effects are unavoidable and some of them can be mitigated by some anti-aging methods, there are also many factors that cause you to show aging effects earlier or more severely.

In this article, we are looking at some things that you may be doing every day without knowing that they are aging you harder. After reading about these things, you may think twice before doing them, if you don’t want to look older than you are. Let’s see the everyday things aging you, below.

Inflammatory Foods are One of the Things Aging You

Even some foods that you would not consider as unhealthy, can harm your body by aging it faster. Inflammatory foods, in particular, have a severe impact on aging.

Inflammatory foods are known to break down certain cells in your body. Some of these cells are necessary for your skin’s elasticity and healing capabilities. As a result, your skin gets more wrinkles and cracks if you consume a lot of inflammatory foods.

If you don’t know what are the inflammatory foods, you can consider any food that is made with artificial trans fats, sugar, or refined carbohydrates as inflammatory. So, sweet junk foods, fried chips, fast food, and processed meat products are in this group. All these are the things aging you, and you can slow your aging by avoiding these foods.

Stress is One of the Things Aging You

As a part of our daily lives, most of us deal with constant stress. Our responsibilities, work-life, family needs, and problems of children. There are many things that can cause you to experience stress in your life. These factors add up and cause constant hormonal changes in your body. So, stress is also one of the things aging you.

If you are dealing with too much stress in your life. Your body produces certain hormones that can accelerate your aging. For example, one of these hormones is cortisol. It is a hormone that keeps the body on edge. But it wears down the body.

To lower the aging effects of such stress hormones, you need to relax and rest your body regularly. You can use breathing exercises, go out, and try to get oxygen as much as possible. Getting enough sleep is also critical to managing stress. Working out is also helpful against stress as it increases the endorphin production in your body, which is basically the happiness hormone.

Improper Sleep

Getting enough and proper sleep is more important than just managing stress. Your body changes and heals itself during sleep. So, if you are sleeping less than your body needs, you will experience the effects of aging much faster.

We know that you may have a job to go to early in the morning so you may have the luxury to stay in bed much as you want. But, for ideal daily rest, you need to get at least 8 hours of sleep. So, if you need to get up early in the morning, you should try to go to bed early enough to get this sleep.

Moreover, to slow aging, you also need to be careful about how you sleep. For example, you should try to sleep at night rather than during the day. And you should keep your bedroom as dark as possible while you are sleeping to trigger your body’s full healing and resting functions.

Another detail you should consider while sleeping is to avoid laying face down. Although it is not as important as getting enough sleep, sleeping facedown can leave marks on your face. As your skin is aging, these kinds of stretches and pillow marks can be hard to deal with for your skin.

To Much Sunlight

We all know that it is important to get sunlight for your health. However, Ultraviolet rays in the sunlight cause much harm to your skin too. In fact, it is one of the biggest reasons for getting static wrinkles on the skin. Ultraviolet lights also cause skin marks and spots that make you look older. It is also known that UV exposure can even cause skin cancer.

To get the benefits from the sunlight but avoid the aging effects and health risks, you can use sunscreen products. If you are not living in an all-year-sunny location, you may not be used to having sunscreen in your daily life. However, if you are going out under the sun, you are exposing yourself to UV rays. And to prevent aging effects, you should make using sunscreen on your skin an essential practice, and avoid too much exposure to sunlight even when you use sunscreen.

To Much Face Wash

If you are caring about your look and being clean, chances are that you might be washing your face a lot. While it is important to clean your face properly to get rid of the harmful elements on your skin like oil, dirt, germs, and of course, makeup, washing your face can also get rid of some useful factors on your skin.

Therefore, washing your skin too much can increase the aging effects you experience too. You can cause your skin to lose the useful natural oils which protect your skin against the outside and keep its moisture in. So, washing your face too much can cause it to dry, crack, and get toxins.


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