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What Are The Types of Wrinkles?

Types of Wrinkles

Importance of Determining Types of Wrinkles

While you are trying to get rid of the wrinkles that make you look older, you may find various wrinkle treatments. However, while choosing the treatment method you will use, you should consider some factors. Most importantly, you should determine the types of wrinkles.

In this article, we are going to look at these types. So, you can identify them on your skin. Down below, you can read about the common types of wrinkles.

What Are The Types of Wrinkles

When we look at wrinkles, we can classify them into three types. These types are static wrinkles, dynamic wrinkles, or fold wrinkles. You can see the details of these types below.

Static Wrinkles

Static Wrinkles type includes wrinkles that are formed without any movement or folding on the skin. These wrinkles can be caused by various factors that affect the structural health of the skin. While this skin health is mostly affected by factors like harmful chemicals, smoking, or sunlight exposure, it is also known that some people have genetics that causes more static wrinkles. Also, we should mention that other wrinkle types can also turn into static wrinkles after a long time.

Dynamic Wrinkles

Dynamic wrinkles are types of wrinkles that your skin gets whit your muscle movements. Especially on your face, there are many small muscle groups that move your skin in certain ways. When these muscles work, they cause the skin to stretch or bulk in some locations.

The best examples of these types of wrinkles would be frown lines, the wrinkles on the forehead, as well as the wrinkles in the corner of the eyes called crow’s feet.

These wrinkles typically can be avoided by using some muscles less or stopping them from working. Some wrinkle treatment methods work based on this idea. Most notably, the Botox treatment works by paralyzing some muscles with injections to prevent them from forming dynamic wrinkles.

Fold Wrinkles

Fold wrinkles are mostly the types of wrinkles that are recognizable with deep lines that are caused by loose skin. As your sin gets weaker it can lose its elasticity and create folds. The area around the nose and mouth and the neck skin are common examples to see this type of wrinkle.

These types of wrinkles are typically harder to remove. There are surgical methods to smooth the skin by removing some of the loose skin. These methods are among the wrinkle treatments that show the most significant results. There are also some injection methods that can be used to fill under these fold wrinkles. Those methods work by injecting a bulking agent into the skin. However, the body’s metabolism takes out these agents slowly. So, the effects of filler injections gradually fade away within 4 months.

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