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4 Tips to Treat Different Types of Wrinkles

Treat Wrinkles

Treat Different Types of Wrinkles

Wrinkles are a natural result of our skin getting old or worn out. There are many factors that increase the speed of wrinkles form and many ways to treat them. However, not all wrinkles are the same. Wrinkles have different types with different causes and treatments. To be able to prevent them from forming, as well as get rid of them, you need to know these types and recognize your wrinkles. In this article, we are going to look at these wrinkle types and ways to treat different types of wrinkles. You can read the causes and how to treat wrinkles of these types below.

Ways to Treat Different Types of Wrinkles

● Permanent Elastic Creases

As your skin gets older, it will get some permanent wrinkles in places that create a lot. This type of wrinkle is called permanent elastic creases and they are common around your mouth and cheeks.

This kind of wrinkle gets permanent when your skin does not have enough oxygen circulation or collagen. While low levels of collagen make your skin less elastic, low oxygen levels slow down healing functions. These two factors are the main reason for creases becoming permanent wrinkles.

To treat wrinkles of this type, you can use collagen-focused treatments and avoid habits that can cause low oxygen circulation. For example, smoking is probably the top habit that you should quit preventing these types of wrinkles as it both reduces oxygen circulation and causes creases as you hold cigarettes with your lips. Without smoking, increasing collagen levels can help you get rid of such wrinkles.

● Atrophic Crinkling Rhytids

When your skin is not elastic enough, the stretches that happen while you move your skin can cause small lines on the skin. These small parallel wrinkles are called atrophic crinkling rhytids.

The main cause of this type of wrinkle is having low levels of collagen in your skin. The collagen in the skin gives it elasticity and structural strength. However, if your skin gets excessive exposure to sunlight, the ultraviolet rays in the sunlight cause the collagen levels in your skin to drop. So, if you spend a lot of time under the sun without UV protection, your skin loses its elasticity and you will notice atrophic crinkling rhytids.

To treat wrinkles of this type, you need to use methods that increase the production of collagen in your skin. To do this, you can use cosmetic products that are designed to increase collagen levels, or you can use home remedies like coconut oil to get a similar effect.

● Dynamic Expression Lines

Dynamic expression lines are the type of wrinkles that form with the frequent creases your skin gets when your face shows different expressions. These lines are quite natural and they generally give your fave your character.

Other than low collagen levels making them deeper, these lines form on every face that has them characteristically. So, you don’t have much to worry about methods to prevent or treat wrinkles of this type.

Making your skin more elastic and softer can help you avoid these lines getting larger or even permanent. But as the areas that these lines can form will continue to crease, it may be difficult to prevent them.

To treat wrinkles like these, you can consider training your muscles to cause less line for certain areas. For example, for forehead lines, you can try to train yourself not to wrinkle your forehead a lot while making expressions. There are also methods to paralyze certain muscles to prevent unwanted lines. Botox is the most popular method for this. But it is a good idea to prevent your expressional facial muscles as it will make you look unnatural.

● Sagging Folds

Sagging folds are the wrinkles that make our traditional concept of how old people look. As your skin gets older, it will get structurally weaker and start to get loose. The constant gravity will pull your skin down and some sagging folds will start to form.

Of course, these days people get older much slower as we use many cosmetic products and consume better foods. But, if you do not care for your skin, do not eat natural foods, and expose your skin to UV rays, you may get sagging folds much younger.

To treat wrinkles that are sagging folds, you can try using collagen treatments, and try to give your skin the elasticity it lost back. You can also consider surgical treatments to remove the folding excess skin. Plastic surgery can offer you a new look.

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