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You May Consider Becoming a Fitness Trainer

Becoming a Fitness Trainer

Becoming a Fitness Trainer

If you are good at fitness and trust your knowledge, you can choose becoming a fitness trainer as a profession. Fitness working conditions can vary depending on the job title. If you are interested in the idea of doing fitness as a business, read on.

Usually, a fitness trainer specializes in one particular area and that determines the fitness working conditions. There are many health clubs and fitness centers that need professional fitness trainers and assistants. It seems that Americans are now more focused on the need to work out and get in a little better shape. After working with someone else for a while, though, some of these fitness trainers open their own centers and become the managers of it.

Does Becoming a Fitness Trainer Get You a Job Easily?

All health clubs need a fitness trainer. Right now there is a great demand for them just about everywhere. Usually, their basic tasks are to instruct or assist people, or, groups of people, in all sorts of physical activity. And as long as there are many different kinds of physical activity – they will be needed. Fitness trainers will usually specialize in some sectors of fitness – yoga, aerobics, or weightlifting, for example. Another thing that affects the fitness working conditions is whether the trainer works with individuals or with groups of people. And of course, the fitness working conditions will vary from one fitness center to the next.

Is it Easy to Becoming a Fitness Trainer?

But no matter what the fitness working conditions are, the fitness trainer needs to possess certain qualities. First of all, the trainer needs to be outgoing and dynamic. The main goal of a fitness trainer is to motivate people into doing repetitious physical activity. That also means that the fitness trainer has to be very sensitive to the needs of people. Each group, or client, needs a special approach. And of course, the physical and mental condition of a fitness trainer has to be excellent – you cannot train people and teach them how to be fit – if you are not fit yourself. So the fitness trainer has to be in good shape.

So what should you expect from a fitness working position? Most employers these days ask for a bachelor’s degree in the area of physical education. But other disciplines, like social work, forestry, and resource management, can also be suitable for some recreation workers. And for those administrative positions in recreation, special education is also needed.

Certification might be necessary – like CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) certification, for example. So even though you have a degree in fitness you will still need to improve your skills regularly to fit the different standards of modern fitness clubs and centers.

How Much Money Do Fitness Trainers Make?

Job opportunities for fitness trainers are also different. As long as there are many different specialties for fitness trainers, the wages will be different. The usual wage for a fitness trainer working with groups in a medium-sized fitness center can be around $10 per hour. And if you are a personal trainer this sum can easily go much higher. Fitness instructors and weightlifting trainers usually work with one client at a time while aerobics instructors usually work with groups. So, the fitness trainer’s specialty affects not only the fitness working conditions but also the hourly wage – keep that in mind while choosing your future specialization.

Like most other jobs, the hourly wage of a fitness trainer will also depend on your level of education. There are many schools and institutes available that can provide different programs for fitness trainers, with different specialties. Many fitness centers these days will also require special certification in fitness. Usually, such a certificate lasts about two years, and after that, the fitness trainer needs to recertify. For some positions, a special

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