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How Can an Adult Make Friends?

Make Friends

Make Friends as an adult

As adults in our society focus more on daily struggles than their social life, most people get more and more lonely as they grow up. While we could make friends with ease in our younger years, it gets harder as an adult.

There are many reasons for adults to have difficulties in getting new friends. We tend to be more selective with our friends and judge people based on many factors before trying to be friends with them. Of course, this selection works in two ways. And we do not want to feel unwanted when we try to make friends with someone. So, we often don’t even try.

Make Friends is Not Easy for Adult

On top of all these obstacles, adult life does not even give us enough time to spend with new people to make friends with them. Most of us spend the majority of our time at work and the rest with house chores. These days, having free time is a luxury for many people.

As a result of these issues, the number of friends we have around us gets smaller each year. They get new careers, move away, and get too busy with their families and jobs. But friendships are essential for a healthy life. Humans are social animals. And as you lose your friends and fail to get new ones, your mental health can start to get worse. Statistics even show that people with active social life and more friends live longer on average.

Ways to Make Friends for Adults

So what can you do to make friends when you are an adult? Let’s have a look at the key points.

● Don’t Fear Rejection

The first thing you may need to do when you want to make friends is to change your way of thinking about rejection. As we said earlier, many people worry too much about being rejected when they try to get closer to other people.

However, if you are an adult, you don’t need to be shy or ashamed of trying to make friends. If the person you tried to chat with or hang out with didn’t show any interest, it is okay. It doesn’t mean that you are not good enough. You can just explain your intent. Most people will give it a shot. Even if they do not think they would enjoy spending time with you, they would respect your attempt.

● Be Open To Make Friends

Another thing you should do mentally is to remove your filters. Try to be more accepting of other people’s interests and be willing to learn about them. This can include sports, movies, books, games, politics, and religion.

Do not filter people you can be friends with people who share your interests or your gender too. People with different interests and genders can be very good friends and support each other.

● Make Time To Make Friends

If your work life is busy, or you have kids to attend to, you may not have a lot of time to spend with your potential friends. Even if you start to chat with some people at work or online, you may have difficulties spending time with them. You may invite people to your house for a meal, or offer a drink to your work friends after the shift. But for many other activities, you may not have much time.

Many adults fail to make friends because they fail to spend time with other people. So, you should organize your scheduling and try to create an open window that you can dedicate to your friends or potential friends. As you settle for free time that you can spare, people around you can know that you will be free during that particular time window. This availability will allow you to make friends easier.

● Don’t Reject Invites

Because of your social anxiety or lack of free time, you may have been rejecting most invites you get. However, most people grow their friendship during an event that they invite you for. They get to know you when you join their activities or parties. If you reject all invites, their effort to know you will reduce too and they can even stop giving you invites.

It is true that you may not have the financial status to accept some events. But if you try to join some of the invites that you can afford and schedule your plans to go, you will see that you will learn more about other people, meet people, and allow them to know you better.

● Go to Gyms

One place where many people meet new friends is their gym. Exercising is often a boring activity to do without a friend to chat with. It is also useful to have a friend with you while you are exercising to check your movements and guide you.

So, many people look for friends for going to the gym together. If you are not a member of a gym, you can consider it for better health along with opportunities to meet new people. You will be surprised how friendly most people are in a gym.

● Join Hobby Clubs

If you are not interested in going to a gym, you can also find a club where people with a common hobby meet on a regular basis. You may know about a book club in your local area. These kinds of clubs are places where people can meet other people with the same hobbies they have.

You can join this kind of hobby club in your city and be friendly to other members. The common interest you have with others will help you to make friends.

● Use Social Media

Nowadays one of the main ways to meet new people and make friends is by using social media platforms. There are countless social groups for people with different interests. And you can join such groups to enjoy the posts or comments of other people as well as share your own comments and posts.

When you spend some time on such platforms, you get to know certain people who are active on the platform. And if you chat with people on these groups you may get to know them better and even meet with them in person. You can also follow events and parties that are announced on social media groups that meet your interests. You can meet new people at these events and start new friendships.


To learn more about ways to make friends for adults, I recommend checking out the other links on this page. Also, as this article will be developed over time, it will be helpful for you to stop by here often.

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